20 years young

University of Nottingham student. Full time film geek. Obsessively spending too much money on gigs since 1993. This is my 'blog'.


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bitches bitchin'
So happy this guy is back from China 😘💜
Enjoying tonight’s entertainment so far
Last shift at work today before heading back to uni and everyone was super cute and got me a little gift. Gonna miss them all loads!


i just really need finnick and katniss’ friendship to be in mockingjay. i need the hospital scenes where they’re both falling apart. i need finnick comforting katniss after she watches the propos. i need them going into the woods and katniss talking to him and him helping her. i need the rope scene in the bunker.

Last night someone told me that I was too “cold” a person and they were very drunk so I don’t really know what they meant by and I can’t ask them about it cos they’ve probably forgotten they even said it at all but it’s been playing on my mind all day

Best gal 💜